One door closes, another one opens

This page was originally created years ago as part of my ministry as Director of Religious Education at First Parish Church in Taunton.  After almost 25 years, that chapter of my life has ended.  While it did not end exactly as I would have chosen, the parting was necessary and I firmly believe that the Religious Education program at First Parish will benefit from new leadership as the program grows and evolves.

With that door closed, I found that I suddenly had room in my life for something new.  After much discussion and research, my wife Kristie and I decided to purchase an RV – a 33′ long Keystone Hideout 5th wheel.  We have only had it for a few weeks and its already been an adventure – learning new skills, changing up our routine and discovering new and wonderful ways to be together.

If you enjoyed the original version of this blog, I hope that you will stick around and share in our new adventures in the RV life.  I’ll be posting periodically about what we are doing, what we are learning and what we are thinking while spending time in our hotel room on wheels.  We are definitely not roughing it.

Talk soon.


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  • Barry Sanders

    I am a clinical social worker whose work emphasizes the use of compassion - for ourselves and for others.

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