Joy Berry: Visioning For the Future of Religious Education and Family Ministry

I love the way Joy thinks about religious education and thoroughly enjoyed reading her words.

Within, Among, Beyond


Everywhere I turn, conversation about the future of the church and organized religion and even Unitarian Universalism in America is happening. Some believe faith communities are in danger of extinction; some believe that it’s only a matter of time, unless we chart a new course. I believe that people always have been and always will be in need of sacred spaces and experiences, a tribe, and a way to make meaning of their lives.  (And help with the children, forever and ever, amen.)  Whether we have the will and the energy to make sure our churches can still do all those things is an open question, but a hopeful one. After all, it’s ours to do, and no one can stop us, should we decide to focus our energy on making the church more responsive, more finely tuned to the needs of today’s congregants. We can decide to consider how…

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  1. What a great article. Anything that kneads faith into all of life is a good move in my book. And how refreshing to read an article about the “future of the church” that has a hopeful tone!


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